United States Dollar
United States Dollar
51,150 Toman
54,700 Toman
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Turkish Lira
2,380 Toman
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Thai Baht
1,470 Toman
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Malaysian Ringgit
11,100 Toman


gold coin
HOT coin
27,000,000 Toman
gold coin
One-half ounce coin
16.600.000 Toman
gold coin
One-quarter ounce coin
11,100,000 Toman
gold coin
One ounce coin
6.500.000 Toman
gold coin
Imami coin


Bitcoin - BTC
1,330,637,691 Toman
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Ethereum - ETH
94,219,033 Toman
Cardano - ADA
18,333 Toman
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Binance Coin-BNB
14,399,596 Toman
Tether - USDT
51,691 Toman

Introducing Seven star

Seven Star is a safe and up-to-date exchange. With the credit of its several years of successful activity in Southeast Asia in the fields of international trade, investment, currency exchange, … . Seven Star Exchange has proven its self that it can provide worthy services to its compatriots by relying on the validity of its valuable experiences. Seven Star is Respected all around the world.

With the slogan of speed, precision and trust, we have been able to dominate the financial and commercial markets of Southeast Asia, and with the benefit of experienced working group, we have expanded Seven Star Exchange in more than 28 countries. Seven Star is proud to provide all types of money and currency transfer services, digital currency, bank transfers, SWIFT (personal and corporate), cash receipt and payment, etc. in the best and safest possible way to clients in all its international offices.

Seven Star International Offices

Seven Star Exchange is active in Iran, Malaysia, Germany, Canada, and has active brokers in the countries of America, Holland, Australia, Sweden, Spain, Norway, India, Singapore, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Pakistan, Turkey, Iraq … . Seven Star is ready to serve dear Iranians around the world 24 hours a day.

Why Seven Star?

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Currency transfer

Worldwide unlimited currency exchange

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Tracking shipments

Tracking remittances until they are received in the beneficiary’s account and the process is completed

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high security

Safe and secure in transactions

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Experienced staff

Using a dynamic and experienced staff in the field of transfers and providing the best services

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Providing the best service

The best in providing services and fees

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Online advice and support

24-hour guidance and advice to use the best method of currency transfer

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safety tips
  • Obtain valid and appropriate certificates
  • The currency supply price should be reasonable, not too low or high. (The low price is questionable)
  • High speed and ease of transaction
  • Aman exchange has a high and successful history as well as a sufficient reputation.
  • Safe Exchange has a specific address with a location map.
  • The safe exchange has a fixed line phone.
  • The exchange site has a fixed “IP” or Internet ID.
  • A safe exchange site with high access such as different ways of communication through social networks and different platforms
  • Secure exchange is always available with ideal 24/7 support!
  • Receiving a low and reasonable fee

Contact Us

safety tips

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Seven Star
Best facilities = Best service
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Tracking shipments

From the time of going to the Seven Star exchange and receiving the remittance, until the completion of the process, that is, until the time of confirmation and receipt of the currency remittance, we accompany you in all stages with a capable and experienced staff.

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Benefits of Seven Star Club

By becoming a member of the Seven Star Club, be informed of the latest foreign exchange, commercial and immigration news on a daily basis, benefit from the guidance and advice of our experts, and enjoy our diverse and exciting discounts!

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Twenty-four hour communication

Seven Star’s capable team is with you at any time of the day or night. Our 24-hour support team is ready to advise, follow-up and provide all services needed by our dear compatriots in all corners of the globe.

Your trusted exchange

Tell us your needs so that we can solve them by providing suitable solutions.

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